Random music, decadence, melancholy, different languages, French, English, Spanish. Written sentences on the wall, every brick talks. The snow on the window melts with the warm air of your lungs. Candles, red lights, Persian rugs. A recently lit stove. A naked girl and a man in a black turtleneck sweater. Literature, poetry, jazz, bossa-nova, Arabic music, red wine.

Raxeiras nos teus ollos.

An odyssey of thoughts floats in the smoke of our cigarettes. A plane crosses aimlessly the grey sky leaving a trail of screams drowned by their own weight. Commune, collective, sensitivity. They say that I’m alone, that I need friends. They ask me if I am comfortable, they see me sad. My face reflects the outbreak of a sea of thoughts that my body can not longer contain.

The sea floods the present with its desire to possess everything.

The air escapes from the past floating among evergreen leaves.

The earth falls under your feet to disappear in front of the future.