Miguel was born on september 5, 1997 in Pontevedra, Spain. 

He started his studies in visual arts at the Facultade de Belas Artes de Pontevedra, in his home country to then move in 2017 to Brussels, Belgium to study photography at LUCA School of Arts as an exchange student in the Erasmus study program. He is currently studying photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Feeding on this delicate yet uncontrolled imaginary, Miguel Rózpide portraits today’s youth. Instead of functioning as a treatise, the artwork gives us confidential situations, while engaging subconscious aspects of belief and the desires and repression that comes with it. The artist presents a fine tribute to the intimate links between the appearance and identity, between desire and guilt, but also a reference to the contrast between wild and stuffed, between old and new. A catalogue of today’s human condition with a clear reference to the supposed grandeur of the past in contrast with the new tendencies.

In his pictures, the sublime often reveals itself at the intersection between isolation and balance evoked by serene atmospheres found in the ordinary. By photographing recognisable scenarios open to multiple interpretations, viewers are able to create a resonance between an inner world and an outside world, finding an unexpected state of catharsis.