Miguel Rózpide (°1997, Pontevedra, Spain) is a visual artist and music producer. He currently lives and works in Brussels.

The artist presents a fine tribute to the intimate links between memory and identity, between desire and guilt, but also a reference to the contrast between wild and restrained, between old and new. A catalogue of today’s human condition with a clear reference to the supposed grandeur of the past in contrast with the new tendencies.

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2021-22  MFA in Photography - LUCA School of Arts, Brussels
2019-21   BFA in Photography - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
2016-19   BFA in Fine Arts - Facultade de Belas Artes, Pontevedra

Individual Exhibitions

2017   05.09.1997 - WhiteCollective, Vigo (SP)

Group Exhibitions

2023   Intimate Conversation II, Wiltcher’s Hotel, Brussels (BE)

2022   You Are Here, The Platform, Antwerp (BE)
2022   (In) Living Memory - LUCA School of Arts (BE)
2022   Tempus Fugit - KONVOOI Festival, Bruges (BE)
2022   Duo Exhibition w/Vica Pacheco - CCINQ, Brussels (BE)
2022   MFA Graduation Show - Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels (BE)
2022   Try-Outs #2 - Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels (BE)

2021   Only If You Knew - BACART Lab, Leuven (BE)
2021   Time Will Tell - Plein Magazijn, Antwerp (BE)

2021   Occupied City - Sint-Jorispoort, Antwerp (BE)

2020   Reflector - Online Exhibition

2019   MelonaFest #4 - Santiago de Compostela (SP)

Live Shows

2023   Nuits Beau Tas w/Barabara Drazkov, Brussels (BE)
2022   KONVOII Festival w/Barbara Drazkov, Brugge (BE)

Artist Residencies

2022   The Glitch (Mentorship), Bonfire
2021   The Loop, Bonfire

Paper Publications

From 1 to 20 (Self-published)
Schlass Zine
I’M HORNY book 
Sideguise Magazine 
Domestic Club 
Temps de Vacances 

Online Publications

KALBLUT Magazine
Nasty Magazine
C-41 Magazine 
OD Magazine
Mousse Magazine 
Uncertain Magazine
The Archive Collective Magazine 
Trash Zine
Pineapple Magazine


Patrick Carpentier
Mendes Wood DM