Miguel Rózpide (°1997, Pontevedra, Spain) is a visual artist. Founder of OD Magazine. He currently lives and works in Brussels.

The artist presents a fine tribute to the intimate links between memory and identity, between desire and guilt, but also a reference to the contrast between wild and restrained, between old and new. A catalogue of today’s human condition with a clear reference to the supposed grandeur of the past in contrast with the new tendencies.

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2021-22  MFA in Photography - LUCA School of Arts, Brussels
2019-21   BFA in Photography - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp
2016-19   BFA in Fine Arts - Facultade de Belas Artes, Pontevedra

Individual Exhibitions

2017   05.09.1997 - WhiteCollective, Vigo (SP)

Group Exhibitions

2022   You Are Here, The Platform, Antwerp (BE)
2022   (In) Living Memory - LUCA School of Arts (BE)
2022   Tempus Fugit - KONVOOI Festival, Bruges (BE)
2022   Duo Exhibition w/Vica Pacheco - CCINQ, Brussels (BE)
2022   MFA Graduation Show - Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels (BE)
2022   Try-Outs #2 - Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels (BE)
2021   Only If You Knew - BACART Lab, Leuven (BE)
2021   Time Will Tell - Plein Magazijn, Antwerp (BE)
2021   Occupied City - Sint-Jorispoort, Antwerp (BE)
2020   Reflector - Online Exhibition
2019   MelonaFest #4 - Santiago de Compostela (SP)
2018   Unfolding - LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (BE)

Artist Residencies

2022   The Glitch (Mentorship), Bonfire
2021   The Loop, Bonfire

Paper Publications

Libération (FR)
From 1 to 20 (Self-published)
Schlass Zine (FR)
I’M HORNY book (UK)
Sideguise Magazine (SP)
Domestic Club (BE)
Temps de Vacances (SP)

Online Publications

Nasty Magazine
C-41 Magazine (IT)
OD Magazine (BE)
Mousse Magazine (IT)
Uncertain Magazine (UK)
The Archive Collective Magazine (CA)
Trash Zine
Pineapple Magazine (TU)
Creep Magazine (JP)
ArtistasSeanUnidos (AR)
Shit Magazine (SP)


Patrick Carpentier
Mendes Wood DM