Miguel Rózpide (°1997, Pontevedra, Spain) makes photographs and conceptual artworks. He currently lives and works in Brussels. He is represented by Gleam Gallery (BXL).

With a certain predilection for uncontrolled delicacy, Miguel Rózpide portrays human connections. Instead of functioning as a catalog of premeditated poses, his work provides us with confidential situations, while calling into question certain social codes and the repressions that accompany them. The artist reflects on the fine line between concepts such as empathy and identity, desire and guilt, or the wild and stuffed. An inventory of the human condition in society, paying special attention to the new countercultural movements and their representatives.

In his pictures, the sublime often reveals itself at the intersection between isolation and balance evoked by serene atmospheres found in the ordinary. By photographing recognisable scenarios open to multiple interpretations, viewers are able to create a resonance between an inner world and an outside world, finding an unexpected state of catharsis.

Individual Exhibitions

05.09.1997, WhiteCollective, Vigo (2017)
Kids, Mediadvanced Gallery, Gijón (2016)

Group Exhibitions

Try-Outs #2, Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels (2022)
Only If You Knew, BACART Lab, Leuven (2021)
Time Will Tell
, Plein Magazijn, Antwerp (2021)
Occupied City, Sint-Jorispoort, Antwerp (2021)
Gleam Gallery, Brussels (2021)
Reflector, Online Exhibition (2020)
MelonaFest #4, Santiago de Compostela (2019)
Unfolding, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (2018)

Artist Residencies

A New Collective Memory, The Loop, Bonfire

Paper Publications

From 1 to 20 (Self-published)
Schlass Zine (FR)
I’M HORNY book (UK)
Sideguise Magazine (SP)
Domestic Club (BE)
Temps de Vacances (SP)

Online Publications

C-41 Magazine (IT)
OD Magazine (BE)
Mousse Magazine (IT)
Uncertain Magazine (UK)
The Archive Collective Magazine (CA)
Trash Zine
Pineapple Magazine (TU)
Creep Magazine (JP)
ArtistasSeanUnidos (AR)
Shit Magazine (SP)


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