You know people have these little habits you get used to. We would spend our daytime taking photos, doing random things and talking about so many stuff I cannot even remember one of them. When night arrived we would kill our time boozing and having a few laughs and just dancing to the music that would come out of an old vinyl record player. We had a great time there, during the springtime, perhaps it was summer, but it felt like spring. Sure it did.

In our world, seasons passed us by just like anything else. It didn’t really matter. I can also remember the scent of pollen and ecstasy. Yeah, we did drugs, a lot. We do drugs now, but separately, and now it’s not even summer or spring, it feels like an autumn-sick winter or so.

While taking these photographs we felt like capturing some kind of portrait of the evolution that all of us entailed as teenagers. As humans I suppose. It’s been quite a long since the first spring. I guess it’s been quite a long since I know all these folks, that is why Miguel loves taking pictures of us as much as we love so, it’s like some kind of astrologic connection or destiny or whatever. Well, I guess it’s just the intensity of my memories that I am recalling now than what reality would truly looked like. But that is growing up. Learning how to manage with intensity, like in a photograph, you have to bear in mind the common sense of light, depth, perspective and so on. However, our adolescent springs have been really spontaneous regarding photography. Snapshotting, so to speak.

- Carlos Iglesias Gallego