Visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium
Ed-in-chief of OD Magazine
Judge at the ND Awards (4th Annual Edition)
Judge at the Siena International Photo Awards of 2017

I was born on September 5, 1997 in Pontevedra, Spain. I am especially dedicated to photography, installation and painting.

Individual Exhibitions

05.09.1997, WhiteCollective Gallery, Vigo (2017)
Kids, Mediadvanced Gallery, Gijón (2016)
Secretos sin rostro, UVigo, Pontevedra (2016)

Group exhibitions

Unfolding, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (2018)
Letters of Separation, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (2018)
Atelier F22, Casa das Campás, Pontevedra (2018)

Print and online publications

Uncertain Magazine, C41 Magazine, Paradise Magazine, Shit Magazine, The Archive Collective Mag, Creep Magazine, Artisan Journal, Temps de Vacances.