Portraits (2022)

This series delves into the enigmatic discovery of an old family photo album, shedding light on its neglected contents and the compelling visual narrative that emerges from its abandoned state.

Instead of human subjects, the album's physical attributes take on a newfound significance, becoming the focal point of the visual narrative; such as mold growth, water stains, broken frames, and faded linings, which now take center stage as subjects in their own right.

Through the use of analog medium format photography, each empty frame becomes a reproduction, capturing the essence of the album's silent yet evocative story. This visual exploration seeks to evoke a sense of intrigue and contemplation, inviting viewers to engage with the album's forgotten history and the significance of its neglected imagery.


1. Untitled IX, III, II, I, IV, VIII, V & VI
9 Archival pigment Prints
32 x 40 cm each

2. Untitled X
Archival pigment Print
80 x 100 cm

3. Untitled VII
Archival pigment Print
80 x 100 cm

4. Untitled XI
Archival pigment Print
32 x 40 cm

Installation views of You Are Here (groupshow) at \ThePlatform, Antwerp, Belgium



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